The Association of Finnish eLearning Centre promotes a new learning culture

SeOppi 3/2013
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Text Oili Salminen

The Association of Finnish eLearning Centre is a national association open to all, always ready to welcome new members. We are an independent non-profit promoter of web-based learning; we also form a cooperation forum for developers of digital educational activities and ways of working. We promote an open culture of doing and working together. 

Our members include private persons, communities and organisations; their competences and knowledge form the foundation of our expertise. We very openly distribute this expertise for the benefit of all.

In addition to membership fees, we as an association receive our funding from various projects conducted to advance the information society and web-based learning, as well as from event productions and the sales of our services.

We impact the development of a digital learning culture

We exert influence on many levels to impact decision making so that educators and trainers might fully benefit from all pedagogical uses of information and communication technologies; we also work to create preconditions for new experiments. We stay in close contact with decision makers in the public and private sectors to make our message heard.

We also wish to advance the introduction of work methods that are independent of time and place.

We come up with new ideas, we carry out research, we share best practices

The Finnish eLearning Centre is well-known particularly in development networks in which learning, training and new forms of work are tried out and conducted using open multichannel digital services. We also participate in many EU-funded projects such as Openness Accelerating Learning Networks. Our projects are all similar in that we want to spread wide the best practices gained through them without hiding any of the failures.

We publish, we communicate and we serve

The communication and publishing activities of the Association provide the members with the latest information concerning webbased learning; the means involved include communication through various networks, reporting, seminars and events. We publish the SeOppi Magazine in Finnish twice per year, and in English once per year.

The Association offers a diverse selection of projects, information services and events for everyone interested in the use and research of digital educational products and their development networks.

We publish our materials openly in the web. Our web service and social media channels feature a continuous information flow concerning current events and news.

Guidance and instruction form the foundation of our work. We carry out these activities e.g. through our participation in events and trade fairs, but we also have a field presence in the school world through our projects.

We build net works

We monitor the international developments in our field closely and apply best practices to our own work. The Finnish eLearning Centre is highly networked nationally and internationally. We have local and regional partners, and work internationally as well as in Finland. With the help of our networks, we have the possibility to carry out domestic and international research and development projects.

Join us!

The Finnish eLearning Centre is a network node and a meeting point for experts in many different types of fields. You gain the best benefits from our work by becoming a member. 

Join us and make a difference!

Contact Information

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