Towards Universal Design for eLearning within TINEL project

SeOppi 2/2019Text: Merja Saarela, Håkan Eftring and Kaisa HonkonenPhoto: Niina Kesämaa Equal access to education for under-represented people and for people with disabilities has lately become an important aim for higher education institutions (HEI). It…

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Figure 1. Legal and human rights set the table for multimodality and acccessibility.

Multimodality and learning: Increasing understandability and accessibility

SeOppi 2|2016 pdf | Slideshare Text: Merja Saarela, Ed.D Principal Lecturer, Research Group Leader in Multisensory and Assistive Technology (MATEC), Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK), Research Unit of Smart Services Multimodality and learning: Increasing…

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