Organization members

The Association of the Finnish eLearning Centre offers its organization members the opportunity to take full advantage of the association’s activities and offerings – also financially.

Organization members are more actively involved in supporting the development of the field of e-learning. Organization members support and guide the development of the entire e-learning industry and create conditions for promotion of e-learning. Representatives of these organizations may be elected to the board of the association. Organization membership visibly promotes the corporate image of the member organization. The organization has the right to use a member badge in its communications in accordance with separate guidelines.

The activities supported by the organization members emphasize promotion and development of the field of e-learning and interactive learning. The nominated representative of the organization member has the right to vote at the annual meeting of the association.

The entire personnel of the organization member is eligible for membership services and benefits listed on the individual membership page. Additionally the personnel has access to advanced membership services and benefits, such as membership events and an extensive network of contacts with the business world, the academic world, educational institutions, and industry experts. Extended member services promote the exchange of information between member communities and encourage members to work together and learn from each other.

Membership benefits

  • Member network: 6 user accounts per member organization.
  • SeOppi Magazine
  • monthly newsletter
  • latest information available through the partners of association
  • voting rights at the association’s annual meeting
  • an extensive network of contact persons
  • opportunity to have an annual meeting with the association discussing the organization’s status, needs, and membership
  • membership rates for the association’s services (seminars, courses, company-specific training, etc.)
  • priority is given to participating in projects coordinated by the association and getting information about research and project results
  • the right to use the member badge in communications
  • visible promotion of members’ corporate image (member listings, eEemeli competition, company logo and presentation on the website of the association, list of community members in brochures)
  • opportunity to participate in national and international development and research projects
  • contact person and / or senior manager of the organization are welcome to the eEemeli Gala of the Finnish eLearning Centre, where the winners of the national eEemeli eLearning Quality Competition will be announced
  • the entire personnel is entitled to all the benefits of a organization member.