GNSS Living Lab Prize

The GNSS Living Lab Prize calls for developers and users to submit proposals for GNSS-related products and services ready to be tested and ideally implemented in a suitable Living Lab. Submissions to the prize shall focus on the following themes: health, energy and media.

Theme 1: GNSS for health, ageing and inclusion

Theme 2: GNSS for sustainable energy and environment

Theme 3: Media

The GNSS Living Lab Prize will award a winner, who will get the opportunity to conduct a “reality check trial” in a suitable Living Lab with the involvement of relevant user communities and potential future customers. The nominated innovator will thus benefit from the validation of his/her idea, the user-oriented engineering of the product or service, the development of his/her entrepreneurial team and the intensification of the network of industrial relationships. In addition, the winner will receive prize money of EUR 10,000.