Best digital learning solution of the year: Moomin Language School by Promentor Solutions

The eEemeli competition searched for the best digital learning solution of the year and declared the winner at the Interactive Technology in Education (ITK) 2015 conference in Spa Hotel Rantasipi Aulanko, Hämeenlinna, on 16 April 2015. The prize for the best digital learning solution was handed to the Moomin Language School by Promentor Solutions. The greatest number of votes from the audience went to Wonder Bunny Math by Fantastec.

The winner of the Parasta Parasta (Best Best) series was Kamerakynäpakka. In addition, Oppiminen Online received an honorary mention.

This was the 14th time for the eEemeli prize to be awarded

This year saw the 14th eEemeli competition. The organisers of the competition, in addition to the Association of Finnish eLearning Centre, included HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Omnia – the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region, Otava Folk High School, Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre and the Finnish Information Processing Association FIPA. The jury of this competition consisted of subject-matter experts in e-learning, pedagogy and education in companies and in the public sector. The chairman of the jury was the founder of Filosofian Akatemia, Mr. Lauri Järvilehto.

The winner is bound for success

Pääsarjan voittaja: Moomin Language School

The theme of this year’s eEemeli competition was Flow! How do you find it? The competing works were evaluated in terms of gamification, co-learning and sense of community as well as their pedagogical and technical usability and commercial viability.

The winner of the main prize was the Moomin Language School by Promentor Solutions.
The Moomin Language School insightfully combines game-like features and pedagogy with a strong, well-known brand. The game develops with the learner and provides a comprehensive set of tools to also monitor and guide the learning. This product is in the initial phase of its life cycle but it already shows a great promise of success and international potential.

Wonder Bunny Math was the favourite of the audience

The voting for 2015 eEemeli started two weeks before the publication of the results. Over 70 percent of the votes were given to Wonder Bunny Math by Fantastec.

Wonder Bunny Math, which provides a set of games for learning math, is extremely visual and works in a fun way, targeting schools and families. Its implementation is technically highly adept. It inspires and rewards children. The game pays close attention to national curricula and requirements. The product is commercially ready and its business potential is verifiable.

Kamerakynäpakka won the Parasta Parasta series

The Parasta Parasta series searched for a party that has particularly distinguished itself as a producer or provider of good learning materials, online courses, video lectures or other similar contents. It was possible to enter oneself or to suggest someone else’s high-quality material for the series.

The winner of the series was Kamerakynäpakka, which is founded on an easily understood concept that combines the strengths of the traditional playing card and information technology. The product activates and inspires players and functions well, pedagogically. The contents of Kamerakynäpakka are carefully considered throughout and clear instructions are provided. The material is also suitable for other topics in addition to media education. The product is open-access and free of charge. It was considered to be implemented with particularly great expertise and commitment.

This year, an honorary mention was given in the Parasta Parasta series. The mention was given to Oppiminen Online, which the jury praised for the pedagogical principle of teachers assuming the responsibility for their own competence and its maintenance. This service consists of an extensive set of learning items with exercises and assignments immediately applicable to one’s own teaching. The active developer community and open mode of operation support the sharing of competences among schools and teachers in a fine way, and the gamified elements motivate and inspire all to continue learning.

The Apps4Education competition urges the development of coding for learning

Scratch-klubi - Tero Toivanen

The names of the receivers of the first-phase incentive bonuses in the Apps4Education competition were published in the eEemeli award presentation event. The theme of this competition, which continues until the end of this year, is coding. The first phase of the competition included applications, materials and solutions that make use of coding for learning. They may be intended for self-study or for use by teachers as educational material. It was possible to submit an idea, a demo or a finalised application.

The incentive bonuses of 500€ for further development were received by Scratch-klubi by Tero Toivanen, Codeblocks by Matti Nelimarkka and Arto Vihavainen, and Koodikirja by Juha Paananen and Maria Halla-aho. In addition, Nokia Student Innovation Lab and received honorary mentions.

The receivers of these incentives will develop their products further during the spring and summer, reporting their development work in the competition blog. New teams and products may join the competition during the spring and summer. A peer jury will provide feedback in the fall, and products will be jointly enhanced in demo workshops. The main jury will declare the best idea/demo/application as the winner in November. In December, the solutions with the best development work behind them will be awarded in the main gala of the Apps4Finland competition.

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