Open Education Week 2024 – Future Skills for a World Shaped by AI

“AIComp – Future Skills for a Life World Shaped by AI” marks a pioneering endeavor in the realm of educational and professional development. It is developed through the NextEducation Research Group and presents the most comprehensive study to date on the subject. It sheds light on the evolving requirements that professionals face in both their careers and personal lives in an era increasingly influenced by artificial intelligence.

This groundbreaking study stands out as the first to adopt a fully action-competence-oriented approach, reconstructing an empirical competency model directly from the data gathered from over 1,600 professionals. The European skill model AIComp (Artificial Intelligence Competences) was meticulously developed through the collaborative efforts of the AI-Campus and AI-Campus Hub projects, alongside with 13 partners from education, research and industry.

By delving into the competency needs that emerge as AI becomes more integral to our professional and personal spheres, AIComp offers invaluable insights into preparing for a future where artificial intelligence shapes significant aspects of our existence. This study not only maps out the terrain of future skills but also pioneers a methodological approach that promises to influence how we understand and respond to the demands of a world transformed by AI

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