Evidence-Based Approaches to Technology Use in Early Education

Introduction to the theme and the importance of evidence in researching, developing and implementing technologies in early education
Natalia I. Kucirkova, Professor in Early Childhood, University of Stavanger and The Open University

Presentations and Panel Discussions

  1. Christian Magnusson, Senior Adm Officer Ministry of Education and Research, DELTA Group, Sweden, Swedish government insights
  2. Sandra Mathers, Senior Researcher at University of Oxford, Academia-industry partnerships in supporting digital reading
  3. Sara Ratner, Research Officer at University at University of Oxford
  4. Charles Mifsud, Professor at the Centre for Literacy, Malta, Researching the value of cuttingedge technologies through partnerships with educators
  5. Markku Pelkonen, Chief Commercial Offices, GraphoGame – Democratising access to evidencebased early literacy education

Interaction with the Audience


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