2024 European Learning & Teaching Forum


8.2.2024 - 10.2.2024    
Koko päivä


Ruhr-University Bochum
Universitätsstraße 150, Bochum


Drawing inspiration from the EUA vision for 2030, “Universities without walls”, this event will explore the various links between the societal responsibility of higher education and universities’ learning and teaching activities. It will address learning from three perspectives:

  • For society, because there are many ways in which universities can have and demonstrate their impact as learning institutions in service to society, for example through community-based learning and open education.
  • In society, because universities can only truly serve society if higher education is based on a comprehensive, agile and forward-looking understanding of learning and skills needs, for example in the form of authentic learning.
  • With society, because universities need the exchange and engagement of all stakeholders and their broader community, for example through co-curricular and other co-creative approaches to learning and teaching, in order to understand and address current and upcoming learning needs.

Through a mix of plenary and parallel sessions, the Forum provides a platform for discussion on how universities enhance learning and teaching. It is an ideal event for vice-rectors for academic affairs, deans, and management involved in learning and teaching. It also welcomes researchers, teachers, students, policy makers and other stakeholders in higher education.


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