eEemeli-kilpailun e-kirjain, jonka ympärillä teksti paras suomalainen digitaalinen oppimisratkaisu


Registration for the eEemeli competition is open from January 11th to February 5th, 2021.

To register for the eEemeli competition, fill in the registration form, submit the entry for evaluation and pay the entry fee. More information in Finnish >>

All companies, organizations, associations and educational institutions operating in Finland are eligible to participate with a learning service or product they have produced. The product or service itself can be a global application.

A product or service that has previously participated in the eEemeli competition cannot re-enter the competition unless the product or service has been significantly updated. In this case, a report on the changes and updates must be submitted at the time of enrollment.

The entrant must accept the competition rules (in Finnish) in order to enter the competition.