Our Members

Our members include private persons, communities and organisations; their competences and knowledge form the foundation of our expertise. We very openly distribute this expertise for the benefit of all. Together we work in networks and both national and international projects.

If you are interested in joining our membership program, please contact our office for further information (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Organization Members

Supporting Members

Alfasoft Oy

City of Hämeenlinna

COSS – the Finnish Centre for Open Systems and Solutions

Didactec Oy Ltd.

Discendum Oy

Fioca Ltd - Finnish Nurses Association Education and Publishing Company

Flowbox Oy

HCI Productions Oy

HUMAK University of Applied Sciences

Häme University of Applied Sciences

Ilona IT oy


itslearning AS

JAMK University of Applied Sciences

JRR Service Oy

Kinda Oy

Kopiosto copyright society

Laurea University of Applied Sciences

Lentävä liitutaulu Oy

LifEdu Oy

Linna Business Development Ltd


Metaverstas Ltd

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Mikrolinna Oy

Mindhive Oy

Nethunt Oy

Omnia, Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region

Otava Folk High School

Otava Opisto co-operative

Pedapoint Oy

Promentor Solutions Oy

Qridi Oy

Rakennusteollisuuden koulutuskeskus RATEKO

Sanoma Pro Oy

Somea Oy

Summer University of Häme

Suomen oppimispelit ry

TIEKE The Finnish Information Society Development Centre

Typing Master Finland Oy

Valopi Oy

Velis & Remis Oy

3T Results Ltd

Digital Lessons Finland Oy

Economic Information Office

Festo Oy, Didactic

Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences

Sivis Study Centre

Tampere Adult Education Centre TAKK

University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education (HY+)


WinNova Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy Ltd

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